About Treatment

To make our patients more comfortable, we offer a complete body cushion system.

Treatments usually consist of acupuncture and herbal consultation, but may also include massage, electric stimulation, cupping, and recommendations for exercise and nutrition.

Initial Visit

Please expect your first visit to last approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. We will discuss your health history and current complaints, including any Western diagnoses and lab work you may already have, as well as any current pharmaceutical drugs you’re taking. We will arrive at a working Chinese medical diagnosis and you will receive an acupuncture treatment at this time.

Subsequent Visits

Follow-up appointments last approximately an hour and in addition to acupuncture, they may also include herbal consultation, massage, cupping or use of other Chinese medicinal tools. Together we will set a treatment plan that works best with your health needs and lifestyle.


Chinese herbs come in a wide variety of quality and strength. For maximum benefit, I recommend brands that are manufactured with strict quality-control guidelines, and are organic or natural when possible. I will happily guide you through your options. I offer different ways to take herbs including:

  • Loose herbs simmered to make a strong, medicinal tea
  • Powder or granule: just add hot water
  • Tablet or Capsule




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